Meet Alicia, Neighbourhood Services Operative

Meet Alicia – one of our Neighbourhood Services Operatives

How long have you been in the role for?

I started in November 2023.

What area/s do you predominantly cover?

My main responsibility is New Westcliff (Scunthorpe) and Crowle.

What’s your favourite thing about the job?

The team that I work with. They’re like a family, with everyone supporting each other, and I’ve never been in a role like this before where everyone gets along and works together so well.

I also love being outdoors, which really helps to boost my wellbeing and put me in good spirits.

What are your daily responsibilities?

During the winter months, I focus on work such as bush and hedge pruning before the nesting season, edging pathways and general neighbourhood improvements to ensure residents are living in a safe, clean and tidy environment.

The team also does targeted improvement work, both reactive (based on resident feedback) and proactive (looking ahead and planning for specific areas).

How does it feel to be making a difference to communities?

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that the work you’re doing is helping people and the local community. I really enjoy speaking to tenants from all different walks of life and getting to know them.

One of your main hobbies is Onewheel boarding. Tell us more about that

It is similar to skateboarding but with a single wheel in the middle of the board instead. I learnt about it through a podcast, then I found a local community and I met up with somebody from the East Midlands, who has since become a good friend, to learn more.

I was terrible on my first go! But I stuck at it and, only ten months after I first began, I competed in a worldwide finals event in America. I finished in the top-ten, but for me it was more about the experience and meeting people who share the same interest.

I’ve made a lot of friends through Onewheel boarding. I didn’t tend to socialise outside of my small social circle previously, but this has given me more confidence and I feel a lovely sense of freedom when I’m on the board. I’m looking forward to more events and meet-ups, including one in Cambridge (May) and Scotland (June).

There aren’t many more girls in the UK who do the sport, so I want to raise awareness, make it more accessible for people and support them like I was when I first started out.

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