Meet the team – The Arc

 Meet the team – The Arc Image

There has been lots of change in the Community Development Team over the last couple of months, with some great new members joining, so we wanted to introduce you to the team at The Arc. Take a look below to find out a little bit more and get to know them.

Kerry Copson – Community Development Manager

  • Main responsibilities – overseeing all aspects of The Arc, Viking Centre, Community Regeneration and Youth teams as well as supporting the wider Communities team too.
  • What you love about your job – making a difference! I’m really passionate about development – whether that be for our customers, our services or for my team. Plus having fun in the process!
  • Random/funny fact about yourself – When I was younger my Grandad named his taxi business after me – KerryCabs J

Fran Rhodes – Regeneration Coordinator

  • Main responsibilities – I work in partnership with the community, Ongo departments and external partners to create sustainable and lasting regeneration on the Westcliff estate and wider areas. Key areas of work include delivering the Westcliff Plan, this includes providing opportunities for the community to engage with the Ongo Journey to Work and developing new and existing partnerships with other key stakeholders such as Humberside Police, GroundWorks UK, Scunthorpe United and others. To offer the best possible opportunities for Ongo tenants to live a full and enriching life. Other areas of work include creating opportunities on the Westcliff estate that lead to the community feeling safe and wanting to remain in their neighbourhood.
  • What you love about your job – I currently manage a team including our Youth Mentor, Youth Worker and a Regeneration Assistant who all work incredibly hard to help the young people from the Westcliff estate and wider North Lincolnshire reach their full potential.
  • Random/funny fact about yourself –   I love practising Yoga, the me time and gentle exercise is a great way to keep mind and body in balance.

Emma Freear – Youth Mentor

  • Main responsibilities – to Positively engage with Children and Young people in the local community on a one to one basis and in group settings to support and ensure their needs are being met. This can involve working closely with them, their families and other agencies, such as Schools to provide the individual support in areas such as Self esteem and confidence, appropriate relationships and behaviour, attending and enjoying education or any other areas or issues they feel they need some extra nurturing with.
  • What you love about your job – knowing that I can be a positive role model and help make a difference, however big or small. I also like engaging with children and young people as it helps me keep up to date with current issues and trends.
  • Random/funny fact about yourself –   A random fact about me is (This is really hard to think of something so I’ll let you choose): I am a mum to six confident and energetic children. I enjoyed helping my daughter with her Uni course work so much that I went and did exactly the same degree when she finished. I love going on just dance and embarrass my children in arcades when I go on the dance games.

Lindsey Moody – Youth Mentor

  • Main responsibilities – plan and deliver positive fun youth sessions and activities,
  • What you love about your job – I make a positive impact on young people’s lives and their families. 
  • Random/funny fact about yourself –   my great grandfather was in the army, and he carried the queen’s standard behind her on her wedding day.  My claim to fame.

Rachel Woodliffe – Community Regeneration Assistant

  • Main responsibilities – regenerating Westcliff as per the Westcliff plan making it safer and a nicer place to live as well as helping to raise aspirations of the community.
  • What you love about your job –helping people and making difference.

Victoria Bradshaw – The Arc Coordinator

  • Main responsibilities – I line manage The Arc team and oversee the day to day running of the building from reception, Arcafé, Post Office and coordinate activities and events throughout the year.
  • What you love about your job – no two days are the same, knowing you have helped even one person whether big or small can make a big difference to their lives.
  • Random/funny fact about yourself – always wanted to go storm chasing like America storms

Anita Catley – Arc receptionist  

  • Main responsibilities – looking after the all the people who come to The Arc on a daily basis, either to access help with any aspect of Ongo or any other enquires they may have. Also to help promote The Arc either for room hire or other activities that will help the community.
  • What you love about your job – everything about the job the people I work with the people who walk in the door who we help
  • Random/funny fact about yourself – I grew up watching Scunthorpe Utd with my dad and now even though we fell out the league I will still go with my son

Bethany Thackeray – Customer Service Apprentice

  • Main responsibilities – support customers by providing helpful information, answering phone calls and emails, also responding to customers questions and queries at the reception desk.
  • What you love about your job – everyone is so kind, respectful and helpful
  • Random/funny fact about yourself -I write my own books/stories

Jackie McGee – Post Office Manager

  • Main responsibilities – Responsible for the running of the Post Office, ensuring we promote products and services in the community and giving the best possible customer service at all times
  • What you love about your job – When we succeed at the above
  • Random/funny fact about yourself – Part of a team that completed Lincoln 10k on three occasions and have the medals to prove it!

Sharon Hardisty – Post Office Counter Clerk

  • Main responsibilities – Part of the Post Office team ensuring products and services are sold to the community and giving the best customer service
  • What you love about your job – Enjoy giving excellent customer service to everyone and receiving good feedback
  • Random/funny fact about yourself – I once pushed a hospital bed at Lincoln 10k

Kerry-Ann Wilson – Café Supervisor

  • Main responsibilities – managing all aspects of The Arcafe and delivering delicious food
  • What you love about your job – the rush and fast pace when getting buffets or big orders ready, feeding people and working under pressure
  • Random/funny fact about yourself – I love documentaries

Tracey Walker – Café Assistant Supervisor

  • Main responsibilities – managing kitchen, cooking cleaning prepping foods, record food temperature and making sure kitchen is safe for the working, here for the other staff
  • What you love about your job – cooking, baking and meeting people.
  • Random/funny fact about yourself – I am just daft at times and love to laugh

Tia – Café Assistant

  • Main responsibilities –preparing food, cleaning, maintaining equipment, serving
  • What you love about your job – cooking and baking
  • Random/funny fact about yourself – I love singing and dancing around the kitchen

James – Café Assistant

  • Main responsibilities – Customer care, preparing food, cleaning and washing up.
  • What you love about your job –  cooking, talking with customers/other staff
  • Random/funny fact about yourself – been in a choir from 3-18 years old.