More Ongo apprenticeships

More Ongo apprenticeships Image

We have taken on four new apprentices as part of our commitment to invest in local employment and education, taking our total number of current roles to 20.

Since 2019 we have supported over 70 people into apprenticeships within our organisation or other businesses in the region. Of those who completed their qualification, 92% have gained full time employment.

All four vacancies are within our maintenance team. This includes two plumbers, one plasterer and a works planner. Alongside full on the job training and being paid above the average rate, each will complete a recognised qualification.

Of the 20 current apprentices here, roles range from business admin, digital marketing, recruitment, lettings, tenancy services, finance, security & compliance, health & safety, customer service, plumbing and roofing.

Dan Vockins, Apprenticeship Support Coach at Ongo said: “We’re delighted to be offering even more opportunities for people to earn while they learn. It’s something that has been very successful over the years.

“Not only do the majority that come to work for us go on to have a great career, we have many in management roles that started as apprentices, people completing degrees and higher education, who are all advocates of the scheme.

“We’re very excited to welcome new talent into the organisation and hope to offer many more opportunities in the future.”

Max Bushell, Manager at Ongo’s Heating & Plumbing Business, Hales and Coultas is passionate about offering apprenticeships to the next generation. He said: “An apprenticeship in a trade opens so many doors in terms of development and opportunities.

“It has helped me because you learn so many skills and meet so many skilled contacts. Even if you start by doing more basic jobs, you need to learn these primary skills to get into all of the exciting job roles that are out there.”

Katie Walmsley started as an apprentice and has been with Ongo for ten years. She said: “My apprenticeship benefited me greatly as I was always fairly shy. This role pushed me to be more confident, to believe in myself and to challenge myself.

“Advice I would give to someone considering an apprenticeship is to just go for it. Personally for me, the aspect of learning whilst earning is another bonus. Who would want to miss out on an opportunity like that?”

To find out more about how an apprentice could benefit your business, or to find out more about our apprenticeships, call the team on 01724 844848 or email