My case Study – Anna Owsinska

My case Study – Anna Owsinska Image

Q1. Tell us a bit about your apprenticeship and why an apprenticeship appealed to you?

I started at Ongo as a volunteer, and after six months went on to do a Business Admin apprenticeship with Ongo Recruitment.

After a year, I went on to do another apprenticeship in Leadership and Management. I applied for the role because I was interested how the company supports the community and I enjoy helping people so it definitely aligns with my values.  

My main responsibility is to find and place people into various roles, it involves interviewing and building relationships with candidates and clients, making sure I place the right people into right roles.

Q2. How did you find out about apprenticeships?

I studied business at college and my tutors made me aware.

At first I wasn’t too sure as I always wanted to move out and go to university, so I decided to do some volunteering with Ongo Recruitment (formerly Crosby Employment). I did it for around six months, two days a week and I enjoyed it so much I decided to stay and do an apprenticeship.

It’s now been over six years and I’ve had a permanent contract for three and a half years.

Q3. What advice would you give someone considering an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship will open up a lot of doors and it will help you decide what you want to do in the future.

If you consider going to university in the future, the experience and skills will help you achieve better grades.

Once you get an apprenticeship my advice would be to work hard, ask questions and show that you can use your own initiative.  

Q4. If you had one sentence to describe your apprenticeship, what would it be?

My apprenticeship shaped me into the independent and confident person I am today. It helped me use my own initiative more.