My case study – Misha Clark

My case study – Misha Clark Image

Q1. Tell us a bit about your apprenticeship and why an apprenticeship appealed to you?

I first decided to go for an apprenticeship when I realised I was in a rut, I had been working in retail for nine years and realised if I wanted to get out of the retail industry and further my career I needed to do something else.

I tried applying for different jobs and kept getting knocked back due to having no qualifications to do with the roles I was applying for. This is where I decided I needed to do something where I could gain the work experience but also gain the qualifications I needed.

This is where I realised an apprenticeship could be for me. Originally I was worried my age would be an issue due to being older than the standard apprentice, but I decided to go for it anyway and luckily I was successful.

My apprenticeship is based on reception working at The Arc in Westcliff. My main duty is being the first point of call for anyone who calls or visits us. I am there to help assist customers with anything they may need, such as;

  • Booking a meeting room
  • Helping with events
  • Looking after the social media
  • Answering any questions

Once I’ve completed my apprenticeship, I’m hoping to find a permanent role similar to the one I’m currently doing.

Q2. How did you find out about apprenticeships?

When I realised I didn’t want to be working in retail anymore, I decided to change my search and look for something where I could gain the experience to be able to change industries.

I applied for a few jobs and had a few interviews but struggled with no qualifications, so decided to go for an apprenticeship, learning on the job and getting a qualification as well as experience.

I expected to be doing reception and greeting people but I’m doing so much more, speaking to people, being the lead contact for desk booking, more responsibility to be able to do things on my own.

Q3. What advice would you give someone considering an apprenticeship?

Go for it! Don’t be put off by age, I started my apprenticeship at 25 and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It gets you the experience needed and is the starting point for a career.

Q4. If you had one sentence to describe your apprenticeship so far, what would it be?

Interesting! The people I get to work with are different every day and it’s nice to be able to be there when someone in need asks for your help.