National Apprenticeship Week: Katie Walmsley’s story

National Apprenticeship Week: Katie Walmsley’s story Image

I started at Ongo almost seven years ago now.

I was one of the first five office-based apprentices the company appointed. I was based in the maintenance department carrying out administration and planning. It was a two-year apprenticeship but I had a full time job planning within a year of arriving.

Starting here as an apprentice helped me out massively as it allowed me to gain the experience and knowledge I needed to be able to step up and get a full time job. It also helped me get an NVQ qualification in housing.

I always knew that I never wanted to go to university as I had always had a part time job from a young age.

So I wanted to just go straight into full time employment.

The good thing about an apprenticeship is that you can earn whilst you learn but you are also surrounded by people who have the knowledge and who are always there to help you if needed.

I found the learning process a lot more hands on with endless opportunities to get more involved. Perfect grounding to start my career.