National Apprenticeship Week: Matt Miraut’s story

National Apprenticeship Week: Matt Miraut’s story Image

 I joined the organisation when it was still North Lincolnshire Council in 2003.  I started as a Gas Engineer Apprentice and then got taken on as a Gas Engineer full time.  I am now an Area Manager for empty homes. 

Becoming an apprentice gave me the skills required to deal with customers on a daily basis, and skills such as communication.  Everything from knocking on a door to start a job, to explaining what we were there to do; these skills helped with things like negotiation and basic customer service.  My gas apprenticeship taught me ways of working differently and eventually helped to find my own way of doing things.  My apprenticeship as a gas engineer helped me to adopt a methodical approach that I use today.

What I would say to those considering an apprenticeship:

  • Its low pay initially but has the potential to become a high wage
  • You learn skills that you will use for the rest of your life
  • Persevere through the difficult college work and day to day work
  • Just because you start an apprenticeship as one thing doesn’t mean that you can’t move onto others, it’s a great stepping stone to get started in your career