New opportunities

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Just over a year ago, Susan visited our Cole Street office looking to find work and improve her mental wellbeing. She was suffering with anxiety and extreme grief after the passing of her husband who she had cared for over 15 years.

Susan soon began one-to-one counselling from our team, giving her an opportunity to talk about how she was feeling and develop coping strategies. She also attended an Endeavour confidence course, completed health & safety training and volunteered on the reception desk at our Cole Street office to enhance her skills.

These skills will be developed even further after being awarded a tablet device through the digital support programme, and she is due to start an IT course in January. This is a big step forward from where Susan was before, something she is very grateful for.

She said: “Anything digital used to scare me as that was my husband’s area, but all the support I have received has given me a lot more confidence. I can’t thank Emma (my Counsellor) enough – she has lots of patience and helps me with whatever I find difficult.”


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