non-essential repairs now being booked in

non-essential repairs now being booked in Image

We are now in phase two of our repairs recovery plan, and from Monday 29 June we will begin to book in some non-essential repairs.

At the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown we temporarily put on hold all non-essential repairs, to ensure the safety of our staff and our tenants. But thanks to the fantastic hard work of our Maintenance and Customer Service team, we are now in a position to extend this.

We are still currently working through our backlog of repairs, which we aim to have all these completed by the end of July, but from Monday we will also book non-essential repairs.

These include electrical repairs only at the moment, but is under review to roll out more in the coming weeks.

Our My Home app has slots available for non-emergency repairs so you can log in and book them instantly. This will save time and allow them to get the best slot for them.

Here is a list of the repairs we are categorising as an essential repair:

  • No Heat or Hot water
  • Uncontrollable leak to inside of property with potential to cause damage to the property
  • Blocked toilet (where no other toilet in the property)
  • Instances where the problem affects the security or safety of your home, such has faulty door locks meaning the you can’t secure it – doors or windows
  • Broken glass

Thanks for your patience during this time.