One number for all your Ongo services

One number for all your Ongo services Image

From 1 April 2017 we will no longer have an 0800 telephone number and will move to just the single number 01724 279900 for all enquiries.

The 01724 279900 number is set up in such a way that staff can answer calls from anywhere, meaning that if we were unable to work from our offices, we could still provide a telephone service for customers.

The 0800 number, which isn’t used very often, doesn’t have this same facility.

Therefore, in order to avoid any loss of service to tenants, we are going to switch to the one number only. This means that tenants will be guaranteed a telephone service at all times, including in emergency situations. 

  • From March 2017 – a voice recording will be played to tenants that ring through using the 0800 number.  This recording will ask them to redial using our 01724 279900 number.
  • From April 2017 – the 0800 number will be fully decommissioned and unavailable to use. This means tenants will need to use the 01724 279900 number at all times.