Our commitment to support volunteers

Our commitment to support volunteers Image

As part of National Volunteer Week 2019, we are reflecting on another successful year of support, and are making plans to do even more in the coming months.

Along with expanding our team with a brand new Volunteer Coordinator, we will also be offering more training at our office on Cole Street, Scunthorpe.

On average, we work with 30-40 volunteers at any one time, and have supported a total of 104 from April 2018 to April 2019. All of which have gone through accredited training, and had a dedicated Employment Support Coach on hand, to help get them on the road to employment. 

When asked about his volunteering experience, Liam Watson, Safety Inspection Officer here at Ongo, said: “Before I started volunteering I didn’t ever want to leave the house, let alone talk to and work with people I didn’t know. Being able to volunteer in the Neighbourhood Services team was an amazing experience and really helped me to build my confidence.

“Volunteering gave me the experience I needed to be able to get a paid job with Ongo, so I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get back into work.”

Our Neighbourhood Services Team has supported 39 volunteers alone, from 2017-2019, with six gaining full time employment within the team. 

Steve Gilmour, Neighbourhood Services Team Leader, commented: “Volunteering is an excellent way of regaining confidence, skills and experience.

“For me, watching people join as a volunteer, get skills and really grow is the best bit about my job. We’ve had so many fantastic success stories, and we can’t wait to welcome more people into our team.”

If you’d like to find out more about volunteering, get in touch with our Employment Support Team on Facebook, Twitter or give them a call on 01724 844848.