Our goals and ambitions for 2021-2023 are here

Our goals and ambitions for 2021-2023 are here Image

We’ve launched our three brand new strategies, which set out our goals and ambitions for the next three years.

You may remember last year we launched our Corporate Plan, that lots of you were involved in creating. These strategies give the detail behind the plan, the targets we need to hit and how we’ll know we’ve achieved them.

Why are strategies important you might ask? Well they give us direction to achieve our ambitions and targets, they clearly detail where we are, where we want to be and how we’re going to get there.

Our three strategies are linked to our three objectives in our Corporate Plan:

  • Be a great landlord: This strategy sets out how we’re aiming to go from being a good landlord to a great one. We’re committed to involving even more of our tenants and customers in our decision making providing excellent services and we want to run our business as efficiently as possible.
  • Offer quality homes: We want to make sure all our homes are quality ones, and to make sure everyone living in an Ongo Home, neighbourhood and community are proud to live there.
  • Create opportunities: This strategy is about really making a difference to local people. It sets out our customer journey, and all the ways we can support all our tenants and customers to fulfil their ambitions and have opportunities to thrive.

Our tenants were heavily involved in the creation of these strategies, which included online surveys to identify what key themes and areas were important to them, how they believed Ongo could improve and what they would like to see the landlord focusing on in the future.

Tim Mills, our tenant Board member, said: “All these strategies put the tenants at the heart of Ongo. They are a great example of tenant and landlord working together to ensure the best possible future. Not only for Ongo, but for its tenants as well.”

We will be reviewing the progress we’ve made on each of these strategies annually between now until 2023, with an annual report made available to highlight the progress made each year.