Partnership approach to improve communities

Partnership approach to improve communities Image

Partnership working has begun between us, Victim Support and Humberside Police on a project based in Westcliff, Scunthorpe to tackle issues in the area.

The aims of this new partnership group are to build stronger communities to help combat crime and anti social behaviour, and to make people feel safe in the area they live.

The group will work with residents living in Westcliff, who have been victims of crime, offering them support and practical crime prevention tips.

Claire Coyle, Housing Manager, said: “We’ve taken a partnership approach to reducing crime and tackling antisocial behaviour, and we’re confident this will really make a difference in the area. We’re looking forward to seeing this project progressing with our partners Humberside Police and Victim Support to improve the communities that our tenants live in.” 

Inspector Paul French, Humberside Police, said: “The event has been about us working with our partners and our communities to make them feel safe.

“It was great to see the real pride Westcliff residents have in their community and we are very much a part of that.

“We will do all we can to make these links stronger and to reassure those who live and work in this area that we are there when they need us and that we are committed to identifying those who commit crime and bringing them to justice.”