Pilot project to improve communal areas

Pilot project to improve communal areas Image

Flats in Salisbury Close, Scunthorpe have been the focus of a new project, after tenant consultation revealed environmental issues was most important to them.

The flats share a communal area, which was handpicked as a place for improvement, after high levels of anti social behaviour and low levels of use.

To tackle the issues, we got to work installing new fencing to secure the area, adding a place for bins, cleaning, landscaping and repairing the shed. A bench made from 100% recycled plastic, and some fantastic paintings by Wall Things Bright and Beautiful, are also new features.

Claire McFadden, Stock Surveyor said: “It’s been fantastic to be involved in this project, especially because the idea came from what tenants said they would like to see. The changes in Salisbury Close will make a huge difference to the people living there, in making them feel safer and taking more pride in their homes.

“Thanks to our tenants, Katy for painting, Kathy Cairns at Ongo for making it happen and the rest of the team. It is something we’d like to continue, and we’re already looking at other potential areas, so expect to see more of this kind of work from us.”

Katy Cobb, Mural Artist at Wall Things Bright and Beautiful commented: “There are several families living in the flats, so I wanted something to appeal to all ages. The wild flowers and bee I painted in the communal area add a splash of colour and nature. While I hope the sunflowers painted by the door will offer a bright and friendly greeting to the tenants.”

One tenant who lives in the area commented: “I think the improvements are fantastic. They really raise the atmosphere and lift your spirits.

 “Having the place look nice not only encourages everyone to look after it more, and it’s so much better coming home, or having friends and family round.”

To find out more about any future plans for improvement, keep an eye out on our website.