Reducing your wait

Reducing your wait Image

Over the last few months, we’ve seen an increased demand in phone calls and repair requests.

This created a challenge and has sometimes meant, on average, you’re waiting longer than we’d expect.

To address this, in January we employed six additional people into our Customer Experience team.

Although our calls remain high (on average we’re taking 8,300 a month, compared to 7,700 last year) we are pleased to see waiting times are starting to come back down.

Along with calls we also receive over 4,000 digital contacts per month, and so far this year have managed to improve response timescales.

Here are some other key measures:

  • We have seen a reduction in customers abandoning calls due to waiting times. In November 31% of calls were abandoned, this is now at 11%
  • In November we were answering 31% of calls within 30 seconds we are now answering 74% of calls within 30 seconds
  • Customer satisfaction has gone from 66% satisfied in December to 78% satisfied in April, we hope this will increase in the coming months

Becky Johns, Customer Experience Manager said: “Towards the end of last we were not delivering a service we strive to, and that customers deserve from us.

“By employing more people and encouraging customers to self-serve we’ve been able to bring this back in line and make necessary improvements.

“More calls and contacts is standard for us now, and we want to make sure we’re available to answer them, and that our customers feel heard and listened to.

“I would like to thank our brilliant customers for their patience and understanding and the hard work and dedication of my team.”

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