Since our last update in March the number of repairs we are receiving has continued to increase.

However, we have now begun working with additional contractors to help bring the number of outstanding jobs down, along with employing seven new people.

Another key change from April until the end of September is that we have now moved over to summer working hours. This means that total or partial loss of heating or hot water will become an appointment, rather than an emergency same day job.

Our main aim is to reduce the waiting time for our customers, whilst making sure we achieve a quality result.

We will continue to use or internal workforce alongside contractor support until we are in a better position, where workload has reduced and waiting times are at an acceptable level.

Going forward we are also looking at changing priority of repairs, and the availability of these slots on My Home, based on need. This has been consulted upon by Community Voice (our main tenant representative group) and once finalised, we will let you know.

We again would like to thank you for patience whilst we work to get this service back to a good standard. We are confident you will see an improvement in the next couple of months, and in the meantime we will continue to update you on our website and in Key News.

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