Response to questions over tower block cladding

Response to questions over tower block cladding Image

We have been asked whether the cladding on the outside of our four high rise blocks of flats in Scunthorpe is the same as that which was on Grenfell Tower, London.

We have also been asked whether the cladding on our buildings is fire resistant.

We know that the cladding on Ongo Homes buildings is NOT the same as that fitted onto Grenfell Tower, which contained aluminium composite materials (ACM).

NO cladding on any Ongo Homes building contains ACM.

The systems used on our buildings were tested by fire laboratories prior to installation.

This provides us with additional assurance that the cladding we have used meets fire safety standards.

However, we will never be complacent, and the horror at Grenfell Tower has rightly prompted us to review all our systems and processes. We are obtaining expert third party checks for further assurance.

Additional information

Below are further details on the external wall insulation, or cladding, fitted to our high rise buildings in Scunthorpe.

Trent View House
The cladding was installed in 2012 and is a semi-structural system which is covered with 25mm of non-combustible fibre reinforced base coat render. Horizontal and vertical mineral wool fire breaks are installed to prevent spread on external walls or to neighbouring buildings. There is also a mineral fibre fire break at every floor level.

Market Hill
The cladding was installed in 1993. This system is a wire mesh containing Rockwool mineral fibre. The system has fire barriers installed at junctions. We will be removing some of the panels to inspect the system as it was installed before the building came into Ongo Homes ownership, although this is a precautionary measure only as there is nothing to suggest any deterioration in the system.