Save water, save money, save the environment!

Our focus on sustainability and the environment covers a wide range of topics and isn’t just about reducing carbon emissions from our homes. 

Water is a precious resource and should not be taken for granted.

What’s the problem?

Companies supplying it capture much less rain for our use than people commonly assume, with parts of the UK already subject to water stress. Here are some key reasons why:

  • Climate change, and the more extreme weather that comes with it, means that water supply is becoming more unpredictable than in years gone by.
  • Improved housing standards and technological developments, while providing enormous benefit, have led to increased bathing, and washing options, which means increased water use.
  • Add the pressures of an increasing population into the mix and water used in the home accounts for over half of all public water supply used.
  • Water is also intrinsically linked to energy. But most of us underestimate the energy water companies need to treat and pump water into our homes.

How can we fix this and make savings?

Using water wisely can make a personal difference, saving on bills contributing to the broader good of helping to manage supply, now and into the future.

For some top tips on how to save water, information on water meters and advice from our regions water suppliers take a look here.