Scunthorpe United Iron Trust and Ongo team up to help people ‘live their best life’

Scunthorpe United Iron Trust and Ongo team up to help people ‘live their best life’ Image

A group of ten people from Scunthorpe have benefitted from project ‘Live Your Best Life’ created by us and Scunthorpe United Iron Trust, to educate and improve health.

The project aims to transform the lives of participants through fitness and wellbeing activities, focusing on increasing their knowledge about how to take care of physical and mental health.

We collaborated to develop a unique eight week course designed to change behaviours and improve access to services for individuals living in deprived areas.

Sessions covered levels of happiness, exercise on a budget, nutritional advice, becoming familiar with local leisure facilities and increasing confidence.

Fran Rhodes, Regeneration Coordinator and joint creator of the project commented: “Supporting people and giving them the tools to live a healthier and happier lifestyle is a huge passion of mine, and I’m very lucky to work for an organisation which cares about this.

“Poverty, unemployment and poor educational attainment has led some families and individuals to believe they can’t live a healthy life, with nutritious food and regular exercise, but that’s not true.

“We hope that by introducing projects like this we can show what is possible, provide valuable knowledge and improve lives.

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to participants of this programme, you’ve shown commitment and proved it works so that we can do more in the future.”

Karen, who was one of the participants said: “Without this course my mental health would be spiralling. I have made new friends, stopped playing video games all day and learnt about ways I can help my own wellbeing.

“I would encourage others who maybe are stuck at home or in a shelter like me to connect with Ongo and get involved in their services. I was terrified to join a new group at first but everyone made me feel relaxed and at home straight away.

“We now have a message group and I have made some new friends.”

Lee Ridley, from the Scunthorpe United Iron Trust said: “This course is unique in that the participants do not come from a sports or exercise background and are really trying things for the first time.

“We have incorporated lots of new exercises for free such as nature walks and team games using little to no cost equipment.

“In these challenging times it is important to show people that you don’t always have to join a gym or subscribe to expensive exercise apps to get healthy and improve your wellbeing.”


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