Successful virtual repairs service extended

We have announced plans to extend our virtual repairs, after seeing success in quicker customer resolutions, without the need for in person visits.

The system has many benefits in allowing customers to explain their issue through live video or image-sharing, instead of having to wait for someone to attend their home.

This leads to more first-time resolution by empowering tenants to fix issues, or making an effective diagnosis before a visit is needed.

In the last 12 months, we have dealt 946 virtual calls. These include boiler faults, damp and mould, plaster and other issues.

Traditional in person repairs often include diagnosing the issue and having to leave, gather or order parts and come back, increasing the waiting time for a resolution. Diagnosing this virtually eliminates that, making it quicker and more efficient for the customer.

Helen Heseltine, who works in our Customer Experience team said: “Virtual repairs have proved to be a great way for us to first of all, get a better understanding of an issue when a tenant reports it.

“This means we can prioritise more accurately and provide better customer service.

“It’s great for us when we get on a virtual call, talk a tenant through an issue and help to fix it there and then.

“Overall it has helped massively in reducing call outs, saving time and creating a more efficient service, so we’re delighted to be rolling it out further.”

Along with increasing customer satisfaction and improving their repairs service, this project is also part of our smart home technology trials, which help towards their mission of being Net Zero by 2050.