Tracy’s story: Helped from the brink

Tracy’s story: Helped from the brink Image

Tracy’s life was recently turned upside down when her nan (who she had lived with for 27 years) passed away. Tracy wasn’t the named tenant so it left her grieving, devastated and fearful about what would happen with the family home, or how she could find a job after being a full-time carer for her nan over the last few years.

Months later though, she is now secure in her home and has been supported into full-time work.

Tracy pays tribute to our Lettings, Employment Support and Recruitment teams for their joint approach and dedication to help:

 “Every single person, especially Stacey, Andrea and Anna, were absolutely great and went above and beyond. I was totally lost and felt that I was being pulled in all directions, but their support took a lot of obstacles and worries away.

“I was always given the relevant information and kept updated, they got in touch with me when they said they would and I was supported with various claims which I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. Knowing the support will always be there if needed is very re-assuring.

“It was the little things as well. For example, I visited Ongo House for the first time when I took my nan’s death certificate in, and the receptionist did extra photocopies to save me having to find a way to do it myself. That was such a lovely thing to do and made me think ‘wow’.

“I didn’t know that all this help was available, and it’s been such a relief. I went from no home, no job, no future, to everything being sorted in a matter of weeks.

“I’m now in a much better place mentally, one where I can begin to look forward rather than back.”

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