Trent View House

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18:16 The water is now back on and the leak has been contained. We are waiting for an electrician to make sure the electrics are safe. Affected tenants are being looked after by our staff.

17:00 We have an electrician travelling to site to check the electrics on three properties to make sure they are able to be turned back on. The electrician is coming from further afield and may take an hour to arrive.

16:19 The leak has been contained and the water flow has stopped. We are currently working hard on getting the water back on for residents.

17 May at 15:30 – On Friday 17 May, we were made aware that there is a water leak at Trent View House. This means there is currently no drinking water available and we are currently still assessing the situation to find out how we can resolve the issue. Staff is on site to help.

We would first like to apologise to anyone that this will affect, and we understand this is not an acceptable situation. We are working with Hales and Coultas Heating & Plumbing to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

At the moment we cannot give specific information as to when this issue will be resolved, but as soon as we know more we will update this web page.

Thank you to those living at Trent View House for your patience and we want you to be reassured that we are working on this, to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible.