Update on fire safety measures at Ongo Homes

Update on fire safety measures at Ongo Homes Image

Statement from Deputy Chief Executive of Ongo Steve Hepworth:

“We have published a lot of information in the last week to reassure our tenants of the fire safety measures we already have in place at our four high rise blocks of flats in Scunthorpe.

“We have also held meetings with resident groups and local councillors to address their questions and concerns, and have further meetings planned.

“We have robust fire safety plans for all four blocks which have been internally and externally scrutinised and which have met required standards.

“However, given the awful events at Grenfell Tower we are rightly looking again at all our fire safety systems and processes.

“We do know that the cladding on our high rise buildings differs from that used on Grenfell Tower. We have already installed sprinkler systems in the rubbish chute areas of each of our high rise buildings because these were areas we had identified as higher risk of fire.

“Further to that, we are holding a meeting of Board members next week at which we will be discussing our current procedures and what further action we might wish to consider, which will include a discussion around sprinkler systems.”

PLEASE NOTE: At 6.30pm today (21 June) we will be carrying out a pre-planned fire drill at Trent View House flats, in Scunthorpe. This drill was planned as part of our routine fire safety procedures. Everyone living at Trent View House has been made aware that this is just a drill. Following the fatal fire at Grenfell Tower, and after careful consideration, we have decided it is important to go ahead with the drill. We wish to inform the wider community that should they see activity at Trent View House that there is NO cause for alarm.