We have teamed up with local gym to boost business and offer wellbeing service to jobseekers

We have teamed up with local gym to boost business and offer wellbeing service to jobseekers Image

Our Sparc project has teamed up with Vita Fit to boost their business model and offer wellbeing services to local jobseekers in Scunthorpe.

The Sparc project aims to help people sustain financial independence, and offers opportunities for those who want to set up a business or become self-employed.

This year we began working with Vita Fit, providing support to access £800 worth of funding to purchase extra equipment and offer ‘Bounce Fit’ classes and barbell weights to increase their variety of classes. 

As part of that work, Vita Fit has also created a package of fitness classes and wellbeing support for female clients working with us, who are seeking employment.

Alice Baxter, owner of Vita Fit said: “I really wanted to create a gym that is accessible to everyone, from those who had never exercised, to those who were regularly active.

“I finally found the perfect place to offer ladies only classes, with sessions ranging from dance to weightlifting, there is something for everyone.

“We also have private exercise classes, children’s activities, mum and baby sessions, as well as recruiting a sports therapist and beautician on site.

“I am truly grateful to Ongo for their help. The funding allowed me to buy more equipment to meet the demands on the gym.

“Since opening we have grown and grown. It has been a busy few months and I’m really pleased with the way Ongo has helped many women.”

Along with supporting Vita Fit, the Sparc project has helped a further 116 individuals on their self-employment journey, with 15 clients enterprise ready and 13 established trading clients so far.

Regina Dalmeida, Sparc Project Manager commented: “We are delighted to see how well Vita Fit is doing. Creating sustainable and successful businesses is what the Sparc Project is all about, so it makes us very proud.

“It’s great to see how other clients are being supported with fitness and wellbeing too, growing their confidence and being inspired by another strong female, leading the way in running her own business.

“If you have a business idea or would like support to become self-employed, please get in touch with our team, we’d love to help.”

To find out more about the Vita Fit Wellbeing and Fitness, call them on 07763418920, or follow them on Facebook.

For more information on our Sparc project, head to: www.ongo.co.uk/sparc.