We invested in the future with smart home technology trials

We invested in the future with smart home technology trials Image

We have launched three pilot projects using smart home technology, as part of our mission to be Net Zero by 2050 and invest in our existing homes.

Smart home devices are connected wirelessly through the internet or other communication networks and have an ability to collect and transmit data to other devices and systems. The use of this, it is hoped, could change our ways of working and bring huge benefit to our customers.

  • Air source heat pumps – Although hundreds of our homes have heat pumps, there is little information on how they perform. That’s why 160 properties will have Switchee devices installed to monitor, highlight any potential issues and help us to better plan for the future. They also allow tenants to control temperature, see exactly what they’re using and hopefully better inform them on the most efficient and cost-effective way to heat their homes and save money.
  • Damp and mould project – Environmental sensors will be installed in around 80 homes to identify any triggers in conditions that cause damp and mould, and send alerts. This is part of a larger, new approach for us to tackle this issue in our homes and provide a better service to customers.
  • Virtual assistance – Using this system customers can show a repair or issue through live video/image-sharing, instead of having someone visit their home, leading to more first-time resolution and clearer diagnosis. This project launched in August 2022 and is so far proving to be a valuable tool.

One of our tenants, Trevor, who recently had a Swtichee device fitted as part of the air source heat pump trial commented: “Anything that can save energy is only going to be a good thing, especially if it’s nice and simple to use.”

Evelina Paulauskaite, Research and Development Engineer said: “We’re delighted to be using smart home technology in some of our homes, to hopefully make a huge difference to tenants, and guide the way for others going forward.

“Coming up with smart solutions that not only save money but also the planet is something we’re incredibly proud of and we hope to implement more in the future.”