We're celebrating Pride month

We're celebrating Pride month Image

Throughout the whole of June, we are getting involved in events and activities to promote Pride month amongst our colleagues, customers and members of our communities.

Pride month aims to celebrate huge and historical achievements over the years, including legal rights, as well as educating and raising awareness of issues still faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

We are showing our support by lighting up our head office in Scunthorpe, getting involved on social media, sharing news, videos and educational material, along with first hand stories from tenants.

We have also launched ‘Free Rainbow Cake Thursday’ with any hot drink at the Arcafe in Westcliff, and community café within the Viking Centre in Barton.

Erica Sanderson, Strategy & Policy Manager, and a lead representative for EDI here at Ongo said: “We are delighted and so excited that even though we can’t do a huge in person event, we can still raise awareness and get involved with some fantastic celebrations.

“Equality, diversity and inclusion is a top priority for us, and it’s great that our colleagues and customers are always so happy to get involved too.”

We have an equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) group made up of colleagues, tenants and partners who raise awareness, push forward activities, embed equality, diversity and inclusion across the organisation, challenge behaviours and provide recommendations.

We are planning more awareness events over the next year, so keep an eye out for them.

To find out more our commitment to EDI, follow us on social media or take a look round our website.