We're improving English levels at Scunthorpe factory

We're improving English levels at Scunthorpe factory Image

Our Next Level Team is helping to improve communication at Scunthorpe’s New Century Foods factory with weekly English classes.

80% of staff at Scunthorpe’s New Century Foods factory don’t have English as a first language, so the classes are of great value to them. So far we’ve helped 14 workers over four weeks, with all of them making improvements in their level of English and communication skills.

Fran Fretwell, Functional Skills Tutor said: “Scunthorpe’s New Century Foods factory employs over 150 people, many of whom are local, so it’s been great to work with them and up skill their work force.

“The first four weeks have been a huge success and we’ve seen improvement in every person we’ve worked with.

“We’d love to work with more businesses to up skill their workforce and see more fantastic results, so if you think we could help, get in touch with us.”

Jeremy Clarke, HR Manager from New Century Foods said: “Working with Ongo is a pleasure, the results speak for themselves and we’re very happy to have them on board.”

“These classes have made a huge difference and feedback from our staff has been great so far. We’re excited for them to continue and can’t wait to see more great results.”

Our Next Level Project, which is part funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), works with people already in employment to improve skills and move up in their career. Since launching in 2017, the team have worked with 600 people, with 213 accessing training, 90 improving their work status and 44 improving in their basic skills in English.