We're supporting a tree planting project

We're supporting a tree planting project Image

We have switched our search engine provider, in a bid to help the environment and support sustainability

From May 2019, we will use Ecosia as our default search engine, instead of Bing and Google, to support our mission in doing good for the environment and planting trees.

Every time we perform a search on the Internet there are advertisements which generate income for providers when clicked on. This is completely normal, but switching to Ecosia means this income is used to plant more trees, and to date, they’ve planted over 56 million all over the world.

James Barber, from our IT team, said: “We have a commitment here at Ongo to do what we can and be as environmentally friendly as possible. This is highlighted from the way we build our homes, right through to our digital services.

“It’s great to be a part of such a fantastic project, and we hope that by making little changes like this, we can make a big difference.”

To find out more about Ecosia and the work they do, visit their website: https://info.ecosia.org.