We've been awarded £138k to offer post-pandemic support

We've been awarded £138k to offer post-pandemic support Image

We have been awarded a £138k Reconnect grant from the UK Community Renewal Fund to re-engage with members of the community, support their ambitions and achieve employment opportunities.

Reconnect aims to improve resilience, reduce the fear of Covid and tackle digital and social isolation. It will also improve mental and physical health, help to access services and develop aspirations again.

The project will launch in January 2022 and last for seven months, piloting a blended approach of in person and digital engagement, to determine future ways of delivering services.

The activities are set out in three areas to achieve the priorities set out in North Lincolnshire Council’s plan. These are ‘keeping people safe and well’, ‘enabling resilient and flourishing communities’ and ‘enabling economic growth and renewal’.

Just some of the activities set out as part of Ongo’s Reconnect project include:

  • Digital skills for the older generation (learning to face time, shop online, banking)
  • Online training with devices provided
  • Specialist classes to improve both physical and mental health
  • Physical and digital events (e.g. coffee morning meets)
  • Group activities in local venues to develop skills and improve resilience
  • A life skills course to learn basic electrical, plumbing and household skills
  • Energy advice and information to achieve low carbon and energy households
  • Trips and visits to new places in the Ongo mini bus for all generations to increase confidence

Once participants have developed skills and confidence, employment Support will be on offer. This will include our Stepping Stones training and mentoring programme. It will focus on individuals to help them to overcome barriers including mental health issues, training or key skills.

Jan Williams, Head of Opportunities here at Ongo said: “This is a great initiative for us to get behind, and is one our current work to get people into employment aligns perfectly with.

“We know a lot has happened in the last two years, and people’s lives have completely changed. We totally understand the stress, worry and anxiety some are feeling about getting back into the world, but we are here to help.

“The Reconnect Fund will help us to offer tailored support for each individual and take it step by step.

“It’s a real opportunity to change lives and we’re over the moon to have been awarded such a substantial amount of money to make it happen.”

To find out more about our Reconnect project, or any of the support we have on offer, follow us on social media or check out our website.