We've taken steps to increase diversity at Board level

We've taken steps to increase diversity at Board level Image

We are recognised and celebrated for our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), and are ranked as Leaders in our field. However, this is not something we take lightly.

Part of upholding this promise to our colleagues and customers is to continually look at ways of improving, which is why we have pledged to sign up to the Board Diversity Programme run by the Housing Diversity Network (HDN).

This programme ensures people from underrepresented groups, that aspire to one day be a Board member, receive training and mentoring to give them the tools to get there.

The programme also supports in searching for and selecting diverse board members, inducting and mentoring them and retaining and ensuring good contribution of new members.

Karen Cowan, Head of Governance and Corporate said: “This is a great step for us and is something we’re extremely proud to be part of.

“By signing up, we’re not only hoping to expand our knowledge but are also aiming to have a pool of people from underrepresented groups that may be able to join our Boards when we’ve got a vacancy.

“We are committed to making a difference and we believe this is one of the ways we can do this.”

According to HDN, U.K. housing Boards do not reflect the diverse make-up of the UK population or, perhaps more crucially, the communities they serve. Some examples of this can be found in that only 2% of members on housing boards are under 40 years old, only 7% are black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME), compared to 14% of the general population (as at 2011), around 1% that identify as LGBTQ+ and 6% that identify themselves as disabled.

This shows a national trend and reinforces the need for programmes and initiatives such as this one, to ensure fairness, respect, equality, diversity and inclusion runs through organisations, right through to the top level.

To find out more about our organisation and our commitment to EDI, follow us on social media or take a look round our website.