Claiming compensation

This document sets out criteria for eligibility to complete a compensation claim – this does not mean that compensation will be awarded, however it will give you an indication as to whether you have grounds to submit a claim.

Common Examples of Requests for Compensation

All claim applications eligible within this section need to be made within 28 days of which the claim relates to.

Claim ReasonEligible tenure typeEligible for application?Area covered in policy
Loss of heating and hot water
Where it has been lost for more than 5 days, unless planned works to replace boiler are taking place.
AllYesSection 4.5.3
Section 4.5.2
Loss of facilities or amenities
Where parts of the property or loss of the use of amenities for which we are responsible and have caused the loss through negligence (i.e. failed to attend repair appointments or met our repairs priority timescales). This does not apply if planned works are taking place.
AllYesSection 4.5.1
Section 4.5.2
Failure to complete repairs (Right to Repair Scheme)
Where we have not attended pre arranged repair appointments or we have refused to carry out a repair we are responsible for. 
AllYesSection 3.14
Section 4.5.1
Appendix 1
Loss or damage to property or internal decorations
Where damage is caused by the actions of a staff member or contractor delivering services on our behalf. 
We will not pay in lieu of contents insurance. 
AllYesSection 3.12.3
Adverse weather conditions 
Where adverse or exceptional weather conditions have occurred and caused damage. e.g. a tree branch has fallen and damaged something in the garden. 
We will not pay in lieu of contents insurance. 
AllNoSection 3.5
Accidental damage
Where damage has been caused and we couldn’t have done anything to foresee the damage. e.g. unreported blocked drains.
AllNoSection 3.5
Damage or loss caused by persons other than ongo staff or contractors
We will not pay for damage caused by other residents or visitors to our estates.
AllNoSection 3.5
Failure to attend pre-arranged appointments
Unless a customer has prevented the appointment from taking place.
AllYesSection 3.4.1
To resolve a complaint
We may pay compensation to resolve a complaint.
AllNoSection 1.3
Section 3.15
Customer distress or discomfort
We may provide compensation for the issue if it is not covered under another area of the policy.
AllYesSection 3.16

Less common examples of requests for compensation

These will usually be handled by the relevant service area, once a claim has been submitted.

Claim reasonEligible tenure typeService areaArea covered in policy
Attending Court on behalf of ongoAllTenancy EnforcementSection 3.17
Qualifying improvements
If you are an assured protected tenant and we gave permission to alter the home, when they move out they can claim money back for the alterations made to the property. Tenants have 14 days from the date the tenancy ends to do this.
See the section 4.3 of the policy for the full criteria list.
Assured Protected (CT)RegenerationSection 4.3
Home loss payments
If we demolish a building and a customer is entitled to apply for a home loss payment within 6 years of losing their home.
AllSupport servicesSection 3.2
Claims over £5,000 AllFinancial planning managerSection 3.4
Service charge refunds AllHomeownership for leaseholders.
Income collection for tenants.
Section 3.4
Personal injury claimsAllSection 3.4