Right to Acquire Scheme

If you are interested in buying your home through the Right to Acquire scheme, we require you to complete a set of forms and provide supporting information.

Your application is a legal document and photocopies of it will not be accepted. You are required to provide personal documents as evidence, so it is a good idea to deliver your application and supporting documents by hand to the Home Ownership Team and get a receipt.

Our application pack is designed to provide you with important information about the Right to Acquire scheme to help you make an informed decision. Please take the time to explore all the links below as they outline the implications and responsibilities of owning your own home during and after the sale process.

Once your complete application and all supporting documents are received, we will contact you to arrange a meeting to confirm that all parties understand the process and costs involved in purchasing your home. We will require all applicants to bring photographic identification to this meeting.


The Right to Acquire scheme discount is fixed at £9,000 for the Lincolnshire area. This does not increase with the length of your tenancy and is set by the Government.

If you are in any doubt about what to do next, advice and assistance is available free of charge from the Home Ownership Team who can be contact on 01724 279900 or by email: homeownership@ongo.co.uk.

Please note that your property will be independently valued as part of the application process and cannot be provided before. If you would like an idea of what your property may be worth before proceeding you may wish to take a look at a current property value web-site. Please be aware that this will only be an estimate and many factors can affect the value of a property.

If you are thinking about buying your flat that would mean you would become a leaseholder. It is important that you know the responsibilities and costs involved in becoming a leaseholder, so please visit our leaseholder information section to find out more. If you require any further information, please call our Home Ownership Team who will be happy to help by calling 01724 279900 or emailing homeownership@ongo.co.uk.