Our agreement with you

It’s really important to know your responsibilities (and what we will do too).

We own, and are responsible for the whole building which your flat is in. This also means we are responsible for any communal areas or shared outside spaces. All our buildings are slightly different so some things might only apply in certain cases.

More about our agreement with you

  • Outside walls
  • Inside structural walls (not your internal flat walls)
  • Roofs, foundations, timbers, joist beams, chimney stacks, gutters and rainwater and soil pipes.
  • Garden boundary walls and communal fencing*
  • Lifts
  • Door-entry systems
  • Concierge schemes
  • Caretaking and looking after the grounds
  • Estate lighting and lighting in entrance halls and stairways
  • Maintaining estate roads and paths

All this work is usually covered by your yearly service charge.

* there may be a special charge for some kinds of work to boundary walls and fencing. We will discuss this with you on a case by case basis.

Looking after your specific home is down to you. This includes:

  • Inside walls which are not part of the main structure
  • Plasterwork, ceilings, floorboards & flooring
  • Inside decorations
  • Doors and their frames
  • Windows (this means glass and frames)
  • Bathroom fixtures and fittings
  • Tanks, pipes, plumbing, wiring, drains and other fittings for water, gas and electricity. (Just a sneaky reminder here to get your gas appliances checked out every year to keep you safe.)
  • Individual central-heating and hot-water systems and radiators
  • Individual garden areas, outbuildings and sheds which are for you only

Your lease sets how everything you need to know to run your home. We ask you to:

  • Keep your home in good repair and condition
  • Not do anything, or allow anyone else, to do anything which might cause damage
  • Not be a nuisance or disturbance to your neighbours
  • Not make any structural alterations or additions unless you have got our permission, in writing, first. (You might need planning permission and building regulations approval and it is your responsibility to sort this out)
  • Be responsible for any overflow pipes from your flat, including repair costs
  • Ask us before putting up a TV aerial or satellite dish on the outside building
  • Not use your home for running a business

There might be times, if we are doing repairs or alterations to the main building, that we would kindly ask for access to your flat. We hope you understand the reasons why. We will try to be as quick as we can and cause as little inconvenience as we possibly can.

Unless it is an emergency (fingers crossed it won’t be), we will also give you notice, in writing, if we might visit your home.

Yearly gas checks

This can be completed by us or you can arrange your own engineer.

Water leaks

The most common cause of damage and insurance claims for blocks of flats are water leaks. We recommend you turn off your water supply at the stopcock if you are going to be away for more than 48 hours (or leave a key with an emergency contact).

Fire safety

You should not store petrol, calor gas or paraffin heaters in your flat or on balconies. You should never light a bbq on your balcony.

Fire evacuations

You are not allowed to keep anything in the communal entrance or hallway which could be a trip or fire hazard. If any of your neighbours are blocking communal areas please call us.


Please use bins or rubbish chutes in your block. You must not dump rubbish. If you see anyone doing this please let us know.


Please make sure the communal doors are closed after you enter or leave the building and do not allow anyone in you do not know. If there are any problems with the door entry systems please report it to us so any fault can be fixed.


If you would like to keep a pet in your home please check the terms of your lease for any restrictions. If in doubt check with us and get permission in writing before you get your new pet.

Satellite and Cable TV

You may need to ask permission from us and North Lincolnshire Council before you get a satellite dish installed so please give us a ring.


We provide you with buildings insurance through your service charge, however, you need to arrange your own contents insurance.

Loft Space

Even if you access a loft space through your home you do not own it so please get permission from us before you do anything with it.

Alterations and Improvements

You need to get permission from us before you make any alterations to your home, such as remove an inside wall.


Noise is the most common reason for neighbour disputes. Please be considerate in the same way you expect from your neighbours.


You need to let us know if you plan to sub-let your home – this is renting it to someone else. You are responsible for their behaviour while living in your home.

Electrical safety

If the wiring in your home is more than ten years old please have it checked by a qualified electrician. Your safety is a number one priority.

Meter Readings

Make sure your read your energy meters before you move in and after you move out .