Solar panels

If you have any questions relating to the solar panels on your property please refer to the information below.

Some of our properties have solar panels that are owned by us and others are owned and managed by Peterborough City Council.

Electricity generated by solar panels feeds directly into your homes mains electrical system.

The peak times to benefit from the energy generated by the solar panels is 11am-3pm, these are the best times to use high usage appliances.

Energy generated from solar panels will not show on your utility bills. You will use energy generated from the panels directly, so only further energy required from your mains supply will show on your bills.

The solar panels on your property do not store energy. Any unused energy is fed back into the grid.

Solar panels do generate energy during winter months but not to the same levels as summer months.

Turning off your solar panels does not save energy or money.

For solar panels owned by Ongo Homes we have a remote dashboard that highlights to us whether solar panels are generating energy. If something doesn’t look right then we will raise a job to come an inspect the system.

If you are unsure as to whether your system is generating energy, you can look at the meter in your home. A working system will have a flashing light and a numerical display that you can monitor over a couple of days, if the numbers are increasing then this means the system is generating energy.

If you notice any other issues relating to your solar panels such as usual noises, smells or if the panels do not look secure, please contact us.

A large number of our solar panels are owned by a third party organisation – Peterborough City Council. They manage the solar panel assets for existing customer and working alongside several specialist companies to deliver their services. So, you may hear directly from Peterborough City Council or one of the following companies if they need to service or maintain the panels at your home:

  • Peterborough Limited
  • BayWa
  • BI Electrical and the Green View Group

If you are in any doubt as the legitimacy of a contractor contacting you in association with Ongo, please contact us and we will be happy to verify this for you.

If you have any questions relating to your panels and they are owned by Peterborough City Council you can raise them through an online enquiry form by clicking here.