Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. This could be bulky items (like a bed or sofa), black bags full of household waste, construction materials and more.

You can report fly-tipping by calling us on 01724 279900, or emailing

What are the consequences for those who fly-tip?

If we find the owner, we ask waste to be removed within a safe and reasonable timescale (ranging from immediately to five days).
If this does not happen, they will be recharged for the cost of removing this and will be in breach of their tenancy.

What are the main problems fly-tipping causes?

  • It encourages more and people add to it because it’s already there.
  • We’ve had instances of people using large, dumped items as bases for illegal activity.
  • It causes a huge fire risk, especially when it’s right next to a property.
  • It means having to re-prioritise work as operatives door knock and investigate the owner. This leads to other work (weedkilling, path edging etc) being delayed.
  • It can pose a significant threat to people, wildlife, the environment and the local economy.
  • It also undermines legitimate waste businesses where unscrupulous operators undercut those operating within the law.

How do I dispose of waste correctly?

Large communal bins
General waste should go in the general waste bin and recycling should go in the correct recycling bins. No rubbish should be left on the floor as this will be classed as fly-tipping.

Please do not mix these as any contaminated recycling bins have to be investigated and rectified by us. This directly impacts the service charge as there is a cost to this through operative time and tipping costs.

Black bag collection area
Please ensure bags are not put out until the night before or morning of collection, as it will be classed as fly-tipping. Animals tend to rip these open when left out for days on end and rubbish ends up strewn into the street. If it is out for longer, you run the risk of being recharged if it has to be removed it.

Your own, individual bins
You are responsible to make sure the correct waste types are in the correct bins or your council will refuse to empty them. It will then be your responsibility to dispose of this. Please visit your local council website to see what should go in each bin, collection dates and more.

Bulky items
Each North Lincolnshire residential property can have one free collection (of up to three items) per rolling 12-month period. Find out more about the service here.

Reusable items
If items are suitable for reuse, there are several groups which can collect or accept items. For more information on these schemes read our furniture reuse page.
Find out more here.