Neighbourhood Standards

Our neighbourhoods will be safe, clean and tidy places where people want to live.

This Neighbourhood Standard makes it clear what our tenants and residents can expect from us in respect of neighbourhoods, communal areas and the outdoor environments where they live are clean, safe and secure. We will consult and work with our tenants and residents to make improvements to the neighbourhoods where they live.

Internal communal areas

  • We will carry out scheduled cleaning for all internal communal areas
  • Ad-hoc cleans will be carried out where there are significant health and safety concerns
  • We will ensure that a painting program for internal areas within our communal blocks is in place

External communal areas

  • We will work with partners to improve and enhance the environment

All communal areas

  • We will work with residents to ensure communal areas are well maintained and kept clean and tidy
  • We will carry out planned and ad-hoc internal and external inspections of communal areas. These inspections will be carried out by Ongo Homes colleagues and our involved tenants


We will keep guttering clean and well maintained, putting in place preventative measures to reduce issues occurring

Compliance checks of internal communal areas

  • We will monitor and enforce our Communal Areas Procedure to enable us to reduce accidents and risks in these areas
  • We will carry out scheduled fire safety and emergency lighting checks in line with our internal policies, procedures and appropriate regulation and legislation

Keeping our neighbourhoods safe

  • We will make sure the lighting in our neighbourhoods is efficient and adequate
  • We will keep Ongo owned communal pathways maintained to a safe standard to minimise any health and safety risk
  • We will work with partners to tackle breaches of tenancy, crime and antisocial behaviour using the most appropriate resources & strategies

Adverse weather

  • We will publish a winter weather plan, which will detail areas that Ongo will grit when required
  • We will provide assistance to partners in incidences of adverse weather


  • We will work with the Local Authority and our contracted tree surgeon to carry out appropriate tree work where they are situated on land maintained by Ongo

Door entry systems

  • All Ongo owned door entry systems will be regularly maintained & serviced


  • We will have a plan in place to carry out ongoing environmental and communal projects