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Our mission

Our promise

Ongo doesn’t make a profit for shareholders. Any profit it does make comes with the promise that it is reinvested back into local communities.

In fact we call this our Ongo Promise – ‘everything we do is reinvested back into local communities’.

So where you see the Ongo stamp, you can be reassured you are investing in a company which is dedicated to improving the lives and communities of people in North Lincolnshire.

How we deliver on our promise

Ongo is a partnership designed to give something back to communities. Its purpose is to look for new opportunities which will ultimately help the people of North Lincolnshire. All profit made through the partnership is reinvested back into the organisation to help build new homes and invest further in community initiatives.

As part of our promise we created The Arc, a friendly well-being hub based in the heart of Westcliff community. All profit made here is put back into improving the lives of the local community. We also have the Viking Centre, the central hub for the Caistor Road Estate in Barton Upon Humber, like the Arc, any money here is put back into Caistor Road and the community.

Our vision

Our vision is quite simply to create and sustain truly vibrant communities.

To us, a truly vibrant community is one in which:

  • Children grow up with aspiration
  • Residents contribute to their community and want to live where they do
  • There is pride and a collective sense of place
  • The environment is safe, clean and tidy
  • Homes are warm, safe and comfortable
  • Residents are financially independent and enterprise is encouraged
  • There are things that bring the community together
  • Vulnerable and lonely residents are looked after
  • Diversity is respected and celebrated
  • Residents are healthy and look out for each other

And so, everything we do and plan for is with the longer term desire of achieving these aims.

Our values

Being Ongo is believing we can make a difference.

Underpinning everything we do are our values. These guide the way we work;


Being a great partner is really important to us.

Partnership is about valuing relationships, with staff, tenants, suppliers, customers and other organisations. It is about listening and learning and having a positive approach to problem-solving together. 

No-one knows what we do better than our tenants, so their voices drive what we do and always will.

We aim to be a great employer, with colleagues who love their work and believe in making a difference. We know the importance of investing in the personal and professional development of our workforce and will ensure they have what they need to do the best job they can.

And, when it comes to our partners, we know we are stronger and more effective when we share skills, knowledge, experience and ideas.


We have the passion and commitment to make a lasting change and a belief that we can make a positive difference to people’s lives.

We aim for excellence in everything we do and we won’t give up.

We learn from what we do and will always look for new and better ways of doing things.

Everyone at Ongo has personal responsibility to deliver excellent customer service. It is what sets us apart from our competitors.

This means being prompt, showing empathy, being specific and honest in our responses, having respect and, most importantly, keeping our promises.

All our objectives have key performance indicators attached to them to clearly show whether we have achieved what we set out to achieve.


We are responsible for making sure our tenants are safe in their homes and that the information we hold is secure. We can be trusted.  

We recognise people have different needs, motivations and backgrounds. We value the diversity of our communities and respect the individuality of the people who work with us and who access our services.

We promise to offer tenants the best possible value for the rent they pay so we continually look for more efficient ways of doing things. This means achieving the greatest return from our resources, maintaining the ability to borrow, maximising the rent we collect and securing as much grant funding as we can.

It also means the continued investment in our commercial businesses and build-for-sale programmes to generate as much profit as possible to reinvest.

We are committed to ensuring we meet the regulatory standards required by The Regulator of Social Housing including making sure we manage the risks of our business appropriately. 


Our objectives

We have three main objectives.

  • To be a great landlord
  • To create opportunities
  • To offer quality homes