Ashtree case studies - Maxine

The first of 27 homes have been handed over at Ashtree Close, Belton, as part of a huge £5million regeneration project.

This includes two and three-bedroom homes and bungalows for affordable rent.

Also incorporated into the design is landscaping of the wider estate to provide safe play for local children and to regenerate the area.

Running over two sites, the first two bungalows are now complete, with the rest of project one well underway and due be handed over in January 2024.

Hear from Maxine who has just moved into her brand new home.


“I’ve come from the old site, where it was boarded up and a total eyesore.

“When I was shown round this bungalow I said yes straight away with no hesitation. I have arthritis in my legs so getting up and down the stairs was totally knackering for me.

“This bungalow has totally changed my life and made a big difference to my health. I feel so lucky to live here.

“My son is very happy too, as we now have a driveway and a garden big enough to fit his snooker table. He’s always out there doing something, it keeps him busy.

“Another thing we love is that we’re detached. Coming from a building where we were all on top of each other it just feels so much bigger and more open now.

“There has been millions of pounds spent over the last few years, and with it continuing I think it’s going to make the estate so much better and attractive to people wanting to live here.

“I’ve seen a difference in the neighbourhood. It’s quieter and when the work is complete you’ll be greeted by lovely new homes and gardens. It’ll be so much more welcoming.

“I’m over the moon with my house and can’t thank everyone at Ongo who has helped us enough.”

To find out more about Ashtree Close or any other developments, head here.