Reconnecting you

Reconnecting you Image

We have officially launched a project aimed at improving confidence, enhancing communities and helping people’s current and future outlook on life.

£138k of funding has been secured to deliver the Reconnect project until the end of June. It will include a range of classes, training and get-togethers both in-person and digitally to develop wellbeing and resilience. These will be held throughout the local area.

The support includes:

  • Counselling and mentoring
  • Walking groups
  • Tea and coffee mornings
  • Day trips
  • Cooking and craft sessions

Carol Richardson, Project Co-ordinator, explained: “A recent report by the Office for National Statistics found that nearly 70% of respondents were stressed, anxious and worried about Covid. Reconnect therefore looks at improving this mindset, helping people to see that they can still lead a happy and successful life.

“This project is available for all in North Lincolnshire aged 16 and above.”

Engaging with people and communities throughout the region has already begun and is continuing. This included a full week at Tesco Extra in Scunthorpe where shoppers could find out more.

Hayley Pirie, Store Manager, said: “We have all been affected by Covid in some way, so we are glad to support this great community initiative. Something like this is just what the local area needs, especially the mental health support and counselling.”

Email our Employment Support team or message us on Facebook to sign up today.