Sharing our performance

Did you know, we have a dedicated page to share our performance against things like the Consumer Standards, complaints, and Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM’s)?

TSMs are performance measures that all housing associations, including Ongo, must report on. They help to ensure that the standards of service you receive from us is high, and they give you a better understanding of how we are performing.

There are 22 satisfaction measures in total; ten of these we collect ourselves through management performance information and 12 customer perception survey measures that are collected through surveying our customers directly. Find more details of the TSMs and why they have been introduced on the website, here.

The results of these measures is submitted to the Regulator of Social Housing and are also made available on our website.

The TSMs cover things like overall satisfaction, keeping properties in good order, maintaining building safety, safety checks, respectful and helpful engagement, effective handling of complaints, and responsible neighbourhood management.

You can find our latest TSM results, as well as our other performance reports, here.