Tenant satisfaction survey - you said, we’re doing

Tenant satisfaction survey - you said, we’re doing Image

We really value your views as it helps to shape and improve the services you receive from us. By listening we gain a better understanding of your needs and what is important to you, which is why we send out surveys and an annual tenant satisfaction survey.

A link was sent via email and text message to half of tenants back in April 2022, but if you didn’t have chance to have your say at that time, all new and remaining tenants, or anyone that didn’t feedback in April, will receive the link to the survey on week commencing 24th October 2002. Make sure to take a moment to check the details we hold for you on our systems are up-to-date, and keep an eye out on your email or mobile so you don’t miss having your say.

Below are the things we are committed to doing for all tenants and how we’re already using your feedback to make our services better.


We’re committed to being a great landlord

  • Treating our tenants fairly and respectfully – we’re committed to being open and transparent, ensuring we involve you in the decision-making and keeping you informed about things that matter to you.
  • Providing excellent services – we will continually improve the services we provide you by listening to your views and acting upon them, and if things do go wrong ensuring you’re able to raise any complaints or issues and be confident they will be dealt with effectively.

You said: You want to be listened to and kept informed

We did / are doing…

  • Introduced a customer satisfaction framework ensuring all feedback is listened to and acted upon
  • We will contact you if you’ve expressed your dissatisfaction in one of our surveys to resolve any issues
  • Improved the way anti-social behaviour (ASB) cases can be logged using the My Home online portal and provided support videos and information on our website
  • Acted upon how you have said you want to be updated / contacted about individual services
  • We will start informing you where we’ve been unable to complete a job due to parts being unavailable, so that we can get the job right and manage expectations
  • Revised the lettable standard
  • Changed the property alterations process to ensure consistency
  • We will publish details of how we are performing monthly to our website here


We’re committed to offering quality homes

  • Maintaining building safety – ensuring your homes are well maintained and safe to live in, completing all necessary checks
  • Keeping properties in good repair – ensuring any repairs are completed with quality and within reasonable timeframes
  • Responsible neighbourhood management – to make them places people want to live by ensuring all communal areas are clean safe and well maintained and that when things do go wrong you have simple and accessible routes for raising issues, receiving timely advice and seeking redress

You said: You want us to improve our repairs and maintenance service, making it easier to report repairs and book appointments. You also want us to take responsibility, keep you informed of ongoing repairs and when we will be arriving, respect your property, improve My Home for booking repairs, get it right first time and treat tenants fairly

We did / are doing…

  • Conducted a review of the repairs customer journey, generating a list of improvements that are being worked through to implement
  • Tradesmen have all been reminded to treat every property with respect, ensuring shoe coverings are worn and properties are left clean and tidy following a repair
  • Updating My Home to send notifications to tenants about any delays or messages relating to a service
  • Trialling augmented reality to help easier diagnosis of repairs so that the right tradesman attends and fixes the issue
  • A suite of online videos to support tenants with simple repair fixes will be created
  • Boiler issues crib sheets created. We’ll also introduce QR codes to help diagnose common boiler issues so these can be reported and repaired more quickly
  • Tradesmen will now always call on the day of repairs appointments
  • Ongoing internal staff training
  • Ongoing review and monitoring of repair contract management
  • Reviewing the length of time taken to complete repairs and any required follow-up appointments
  • Looking at how we better identify and assist those who are disabled or vulnerable
  • We will be updating our Tenant Handbook with expectations when you log a repair, who is responsible for each part of the process and when in the process you will receive updates
  • Sending out satisfaction surveys to tenants to gather feedback on ways to improve your neighbourhood and carry out We Care days
  • Finding ways in which our tradesman can deal with multiple repairs in one visit
  • Reviewed all complaints received to derive learnings that will improve the customer experience
  • Having several Ongo Environmental Champions
  • Updating our calling cards if we have not been able to gain access on the day of your appointment to be more informative
  • Reviewing available appointment times


We’re committed to creating opportunities

We want to make a difference and support tenants to be able to sustain their tenancies by reducing social isolation, helping tenants gain new skills and employment support and pass on any funding opportunities.

You said: You want us to be more visible to tenants and provide support

We did / are doing…

  • Free support through the Building Better Opportunities (BBO) project for the unemployed and supporting people with their mental health
  • Progression Club – support with progression at work, volunteering, training, or education
  • Ongo Carnival- giving people the opportunity to speak to staff face-to-face whilst bringing the community together to reduce isolation
  • Secured funding to be able to take local people on days out
  • Offer a developing, wide-range of other support here


We’re committed to being ‘One Ongo’

We will work collectively and in partnership with our residents and will be held to account for the decisions that affect the quality of your homes and services.

You said: You want us to provide support to tenants and be transparent

We did / are doing…


If you don’t have access to emails and text messages but want to complete the survey, please contact our Customer Experience team.