Anti-social behaviour

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Anti-social behaviour is not acceptable.

Everyone has the right to enjoy their home, free from nuisance or the anti-social behaviour of others.

Our Tenancy Services team works with local councils and partner organisations to keep our communities thriving and a great place to live.

Anti-social behaviour includes things such as excessive dog barking, regular loud music, overgrown gardens, criminal damage, hate crime, shouting, swearing and verbal abuse.

You can report anti-social behaviour quickly and 24/7 on our My Home app.

What is not anti-social behaviour?

Sometimes we can be impacted by the lifestyles of our neighbours, which are general day to day living. Here are some examples that are not considered anti-social behaviour:

  • Day to day living noise such as footsteps or low level household appliances from neighbouring properties
  • Differing lifestyle choices or cultures and faiths
  • One-off parties and barbecues
  • Infrequent and occasional noise or disturbances
  • Children playing
  • Occasional dog barking
  • Excessive noise from domestic appliances (e.g. washing machines, vacuum cleaners)
  • Minor vehicle repairs
  • Gossip

Next steps

If you’re sure that what you’re experiencing is anti-social behaviour, where it is safe to do so, you should first try to approach the other party involved. You should explain to them how their actions are affecting you and ask them to change their behaviour. Sometimes, other people may not be aware that their behaviour is causing distress or nuisance and letting them know may help.

If you feel threatened, intimidated, or witness a crime, you should always contact the police first. You can contact the police by calling 999 to report emergencies or by calling 101 for non-emergencies.

Useful advice about how to deal with a problem neighbour can be found at Citizens Advice or ASB Help.

Reporting anti-social behaviour to us

If you need to report anti-social behaviour, you can use our quick and easy self-service option through My Home, your online account. If you are already registered, you can log in online through our website, or by downloading the app.

We have created some videos to show you how to easily report anti-social behaviour through My Home.

Antisocial behaviour FAQs

Find out more below about anti-social behaviour

If you are the person reporting, there may be occasions where you need to report incidents to partner agencies such as:

  • Police, who will provide you with reference or log numbers
  • Local authorities such as the Environmental Health Noise investigation teams, who will request you record a diary, CCTV footage or photo evidence.

You may be asked to attempt to resolve the situation yourself, speaking to the person, signing a Good Neighbour Agreement or consenting to mediation.

We will take responsibility to help you, when these things happen we want to help with an early resolution between everyone that is involved with all parties needs considered and supported. Additional help and support can be provided through Ongo Communities team and referrals to partner agencies.

We work with the following organisations, who may also be able to assist you:

Please refer to your local authority or police team in the area which you live

North Lincolnshire Council (Scunthorpe and surrounding areas)

Doncaster properties (including, Moorends, Hatfield, Thorne, Balby)

Bircotes properties

Lincoln properties (including North Hykeham)

Gainsborough, Nettleham and Blyton Properties

If you are dissatisfied with any attempts to resolve the issue, you are able to raise an ASB Case Review, formerly known as a Community Trigger. This means that the case will be independently reviewed.

There’s different criteria to raising an ASB Case Review, depending on where you live.

North Lincolnshire
The ASB Case Review can be used to review a case if:

  • You (as an individual) have complained about three separate incidents of antisocial behaviour in the last six months to Humberside Police, North Lincolnshire Council or a Registered Social Landlord

Find out more about the ASB Case Review process in North Lincolnshire.


  • The victim has reported three separate, but related incidents (Qualifying Complaints, as detailed below) to either the district council, police, or registered housing provider within the preceding 6-months to the application and the ASB persists.


  • A senior manager (district council Community Safety Manager/Police Inspector) within the authority decides that an ASB Case Review is necessary to safeguard a vulnerable victim of ASB.

Find out more about the ASB Case Review process in Lincolnshire here. 

Doncaster/South Yorkshire

Any ASB Case Review requests take into account:

  • the nature of the incident – did it cause you harassment, alarm or distress?
  • the number of incidents – have you reported three separate incidents relating to the same (or similar) issue within a six-month period? *The most recent incident must not be more than a month old
  • Have five or more different households separately reported the same issue within a six-month period.

Find out more about the ASB Case Review process in Doncaster/South Yorkshire