Mental health support

Our free mental health support aims to help you by providing trusted and confidential counselling alongside opportunities to progress in both your personal and your work life.

This is mental health support, but with a difference.

That’s because our aim is not just to help with your mental wellbeing, but also to help you progress into training, education or employment. Research shows that you are much more likely to suffer from poor mental health if you are unemployed or in a job where you don’t feel fulfilled. This is where we can help. As part of our free service, you can get access to:

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1:1 counselling

Our friendly counsellors will take time to listen to your issues and help develop your confidence, skills and wellbeing so you can move towards improving your life.

The therapist can help you gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes, and find your own solutions to problems. They will not usually give you advice or tell you what to do.

Counselling can help you with: depression, anxiety, difficult emotions such as low-self esteem or anger, bereavement, relationship stress or breakdown and work-related stress.

Our practitioner experience and modality/approach preferences include Person Centred Therapy (PCT), low intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Existential Therapy, and Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytical approaches.

OngoPhotograph by Richard Walker/ImageNorth
OngoPhotograph by Richard Walker/ImageNorth

Wellbeing calls

Regular chats on the phone to see how you’re doing. If you’re feeling low or under stress then let’s chat about improving your day or week.

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Confidence building

Tailored sessions to help you feel more confident and give you the skills and knowledge to access new opportunities.


Social activities

Join us for group walks and fun days out to get you out the house and chatting to others. Recent trips have included bowling, and regular golf sessions are available too.

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Mental health and employment

Discover the link between a happy work life and a happy personal life. We want to help you find the right balance.

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Guidance with job searching and training

Get help with finding jobs in industries that you are interested in. We’ll help you in to the right training if you need it.

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CV support

Get yourself in front of employers and learn tips tailored for you on how to land that new job.

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Volunteer opportunities and work experience

Try something new and enjoy yourself, increase your confidence, meet new people and add structure to your weekly routine.

Anybody can access this support.


We offer different facilities and locations where we’re able to facilitate support.

These locations are:

The Arc, Scunthorpe
The Viking Centre, Barton-upon-Humber
Cole Street, Scunthorpe.


We can bring you this support for free because we’re part of the Ongo group, which reinvests profits back into the local community.

We have also been supported by the Endeavour project, funded by the European Social Fund.

We also work closely with local partners and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

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Alan’s story

Alan accessed mental health support with us in October 2022. He was experiencing difficulties from a relationship breakdown, with no access to independent living and limited contact with his daughter. Alan lacked confidence and suffered the effects of anxiety on a daily basis.

Alan first accessed the support of the counselling service with Emma, where sessions were structured around building confidence, self-worth and an ability to recognise personal strengths. Alan has attended workshops which allowed him to explore his strengths and social skills, as well as completing volunteer training which allowed him to gain his Health and Safety level 1 certificate.

Alan has purchased a bike to support his wellbeing which supported his transport needs, and allowed him to gain confidence through physical activity. Alongside the sessions, Alan was supported into Ongo accommodation, allowing him to live independently.

Laneen received one-to-one personalised help to increase her confidence, as well as volunteering opportunities, and has accessed a range of qualifications which boosted her skills.

She said: “The support has helped to give me so much. I’m very grateful for what Kim (Project Coordinator) has done – she’s given me the time, listened to me, been there when I’ve needed help, and has put the steps in place to make sure I get what I want from the support.

“I don’t think other people, including many employers, understood what I could offer and how much I just want to help others. I’ve applied for over 60 jobs without success, and all I wanted was to be given a chance.

“Every single obstacle I’ve faced in my life so far – whether it be physical (stomach ulcers), learning (cerebral palsy) or emotional (low self-belief) – I’ve risen above and come through for the better.”

*We have been given permission by this person to share their story, but they would like not to be named, so we will refer to them as Joe:

Over the past few years, Joe had undergone an operation for a brain tumour which left some damage to part of his brain, and he had started to become very emotional since the operation.

Depression had been fuelled by financial woes from a divorce and unexpected debt caused by his situation. Unable to handle the situation, Joe suffered a breakdown and he walked out, leaving everything he had.

Joe wasn’t sure about counselling at the start but knew he had to take some sort of action if he wanted to break out of his depressive cycles. Over his sessions with us, Joe started focusing on his thought processes and pushed himself to start engaging in small social situations.

Joe went from being isolated from the world, to now:

  • Being confident to speak with others
  • Having a positive outlook on life and his future
  • In a new relationship
  • Planning to set up his own business.

“Ongo is a fantastic organisation that provides opportunities for those struggling with mental health, and other illnesses, to take part in social activities as a great way to boost spirit levels, enjoy fresh air outside, meet new friends, and have some fun. It’s great to be able to make a difference to people’s lives, no matter how big or small, and Ongo do a great job and making that difference and bringing a smile to people’s faces.”

Chris Cowling, PGA Trainee Golf Professional, Normanby Hall Golf Club

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Volunteer counselling placements

We’re proud to be able to offer volunteer counselling placements, for those working towards a counselling qualification.

Volunteer counselling placements