Gas safety

As your landlord, by law, under the Gas Safety Regulations, we have to make sure your home has a current Gas Safety Certificate and that provided appliances (such as your boiler) are serviced at least every 12 months.

It is essential that you allow our engineers access to your home once a year to carry out these checks. We are there to keep you and your family safe.

Regular servicing also ensures your appliances run as efficiently as possible, often saving you money too.

Sometimes people aren’t around when we want to call, so we will always talk to you to make an appointment which suits you, even on evenings and weekends, and will take extra time to help and support anyone who is vulnerable.

Getting access to carry out safety inspections at the first time of asking can be a problem for us. This not only wastes time and resources, but potentially puts you and your property at risk. In order to reduce this, we will impose sanctions and only emergency repairs will be carried out when access is been refused. Sanctions will be:

  • On the first refusal, a breach of tenancy warning will be issued
  • On second refusal, a Notice of Intent to seek possession will be served
  • If there is a third refusal, an application to court for a suspended possession order will be submitted. This could lead to eviction

We hope you understand the importance of these checks and recognise why, on the very rare occasion tenants won’t allow our engineers access, we may have to take action to gain entry. Of course, this will always be the last resort because we would always much rather work with you to keep you safe.

If you would like to see when your appliances were last serviced, just log on to MyHome or download the My Home app from Google Play or the Apple app store.

For more information on gas safety, contact us. For information about carbon monoxide, click here.



Will you service my gas cooker?

If you have a gas cooker in your home, it is your own property which means we are not responsible for its regular servicing and maintenance.

It’s important to have gas appliances regularly serviced to make sure they work safely and to protect everyone in your home from the danger of carbon monoxide.

We recommend that you have your cooker serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Our trusted company Hales & Coultas Heating and Plumbing are Gas Safe registered and will be able to help you at a competitive price. They operate across the whole of North Lincolnshire.