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Support FAQs

We know that from time to time, due to getting older, becoming ill or living with a disability, you might need to ask for some extra help to live safely and independently in your home.

There are lots of ways in which our team can help, from regular visits to make sure you are keeping on top of things to getting you involved in fun events in your community.

We can even help you manage your bills, request adaptations to your home, help you claim the benefits you are entitled to or give you some advice on keeping a safe home.

  • How can I access support?

    You can ask us directly for support by calling us on 01724 279900.  Alternatively, your Housing Officer, Income Collection Officer or Lettings Officer may feel that you would benefit from a little bit of support to maintain your tenancy and will discuss this with you before making arrangements on your behalf.

  • How do I qualify for support?

    We will come out to see you in your home to carry out an assessment of your needs and talk about what might help you.

    We will use this, and any other information from you, to develop an individual support plan, tailored just for you. 

    This plan might involve regular visits to you. Support visits can take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and at a location that is best for you, although this is usually in your home.

    We will usually provide support up to a maximum of six months, during the support we will regularly review you needs.

    If you need more support than we can provide, or over a longer period of time, we will refer you, with your permission, to other agencies better equipped to provide long term specialist support.

  • How much does support cost?

    There is no cost for the support, advice and help that we can offer you. All that we ask is that you work with us so whatever plans we put in place will be a success.

  • What type of support is available to me?

    We offer a range of help for different people living in different circumstances. We know that everyone has different needs which is why we will work with you to design a support plan which specifically meets your needs.

    Some of the things we can provide include:

    • Help and advice with money and budgeting
    • Practical support to manage your home and keep it safe and clean
    • General help in explaining your role as a tenant and helping you avoid breaching your tenancy
    • Help to get involved with community events and avoid becoming lonely
    • Advice on living in your home as you become older
    • Help to access services from other agencies, such as health or council services

    Most importantly, we can provide you with a listening ear and peace of mind so that you can make your own decisions and live happily and independently in your home.


  • What financial advice is available to me?

    We can help you to claim the benefits you are entitled to and prepare a budgeting plan so you can have confidence that your bills are paid. 

    We have lots of experience in helping people with a wide range of issues, including:

    • Budgeting
    • Accessing grants
    • Claiming Attendance Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, Housing Benefit and Tax Credits
    • Advice about Universal Credit and Bedroom Tax
    • Applications for a disability Blue Badge
    • Requesting housing benefit reconsiderations and backdate requests
    • Applications for Discretionary Housing Payments
    • Making arrears repayment agreements for your rent
  • Is there help available to manage my housework?

    We  know that sometimes things get a bit much and it is hard to keep on top of things at home.

    We never judge and we know that problems are usually linked to health issues, both mental and physical.

    It is our job to help, which is why we employ two Homeskills Coaches who have the job of providing support to people who need to get back on track with keeping a clean, clutter-free home.

    They won't clean up your home for you, but they will give you practical advice, coaching to help you keep a clean and tidy home and avoid breaching your tenancy agreement.

    They will usually work with you for up to six months, although this can be longer if necessary. 

    To access the help and support of one of our Homeskills Coaches we just ask that you are willing to work with us to make a positive difference to your life.

    We can provide different advice and support to those people who are not physically able to carry out their own housework.

    For more information about Homeskills Coaches please click here

  • Can I get more involved in my community?

    Of course, in fact we would love it if you did.

    If you live in one of our Retirement Living homes, then it is really easy to get involved in fun events with your neighbours.

    We regularly help residents arrange get togethers, with events like film nights, games afternoons or even keep fit activities.

    For everyone else, we also have our Community Engagement Team who are out and about every day helping communities come together. Check out our events pages to see what might be happening in your area.