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How to get involved

Support available to you

We know its important you do things you enjoy, so being involved works best if you are happy with what you are doing. We also know that sometimes there are things that might make it a little more difficult for you to join, so we offer support to all our volunteers. This includes training that would help raise more awareness of the groups you are interested in joining.

How to get involved

You can find details below about the various ways we consult with customers and information about the different groups available for you to get involved with.

We know that attending meetings may not be of interest to everyone so other methods of communication are used to help promote information and obtain views from customers. These include using social media, e.g. twitter and Facebook where we regularly share information and ask for your comments.

We offer ongoing support when a group of residents wishes to set up a resident association or community group. 

The support we can give includes:

  • Finding a venue for meetings
  • Sending out leaflets to advertise meetings
  • Admin support for producing agendas, minutes of meetings and newsletters
  • Providing useful contacts
  • Offering training 
  • Helping with transport or childcare costs

What is a Residents Association or Community Group?

It's a group of people living in a particular area who want to help make things  better for their community.

Why do people form associations or groups?

These people care about where they live, and their neighbours too. Together, tackling local issues, they become a powerful bunch.

  • To campaign for something – such as a better repairs service, better grass cutting service, or more activities for youngsters.
  • To campaign against something – such as new housing policies or closure of community facilities.
  • To increase community spirit.
  • To keep other people informed about issues that might affect them.
  • To arrange fun events and make friends.

Can I join a Residents Association/Community Group?

Yes, of course you can! Find more information about local groups on the Facebook pages listed below, have you thought about getting together with your friends and neighbours and setting up your own group? That's where we can help. Contact us by email on: or call our 'Customer Engagement Team' on 01724 279900.

Find a Residents Association or Community Group.