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Homes to rent

What you can expect renting a home with us

There are many reasons why renting a home from us rather than a private landlord is better value for money. On average, our tenants pay £20 a week less than a private rented home in the Yorkshire and Humber region. 

Our tenants tell us that renting from Ongo gives them security and the peace of mind that there is always help at the end of the telephone.

Our social rents are regulated by the Government so we can't just increase rents when we want to.

How to apply

All our available homes are advertised on our online lettings system called Home Choice Lincs 

People looking for a rented home with Ongo must register with Home Choice Lincs first. You will be assessed on your housing need and told which homes you are eligible to bid for. These are the simple steps you will need to follow.

  1. Register with Home Choice Lincs
  2. Your housing and support needs will be assessed by the Home Choice Lincs team
  3. You will be placed on the housing register as a 'home seeker'
  4. You will be allocated a 'priority band' based on your current housing circumstances
  5. You can then login and browse the online list of available homes 
  6. You can bid for up to three homes a week
  7. If you are successful with your bid, we will be in touch to arrange a viewing of the home
  8. You decide on your next new home

Some things you need to know about Home Choice Lincs

  • Do I need to use all three bids each week?

    No. There are no penalties if you don't use all three of your bids, unless you are in a priority band such as Band 1*, Band 1 or Band 2.

    If you have been presented with suitable homes but you've not placed any bids then the Home Choice Lincs team might look to change your band.

    We recommend only bidding on homes you want to live in.

  • Is there an advantage to being the first bidder?

    No, you really don't have to stay up until midnight the night before the next bidding cycle in order to be the first bidder on a home.

    Homes are allocated to those in most need, regardless of when you place your bid.

  • Is there any advantage to me being the last bidder?

    No. It really doesn't matter if you're the first to bid, the last to bid or even in the middle. It all depends upon your housing need and that of other bidders.

  • What if my personal circumstances change?

    If your circumstances change, it might be that your need for a home increases. Please let the Home Choice Lincs team know so they can help you.

    It's really important to update your details if they change so you don't miss out on any important updates.

  • What happens if I don't turn up to a viewing?

    If you can't make an appointment it's really important you let us know as early as possible so we can tell our Lettings Officer.  

    If you repeatedly fail to attend viewings you have booked you might jeopardise your registration, or chance of finding a new home.

  • I'm not online so what do I do?

    There are plenty of public places where you can log onto Home Choice Lincs such as a local library, local link, or you could even come down to our Customer Centre, Cole Street, Scunthorpe, and use our computers there. You can also ask friends and family to help you through the process.

    Our Customer Advisors may be available to help.

  • You don't advertise any homes I want to move into

    There are thousands of people registered to bid on Home Choice Lincs and only a limited number of homes available each week.

    The key is to keep looking each week - the home you are looking for might just come along.

  • I've been to a viewing but I didn't like the home

    Whilst we understand that you sometimes need to see a home first, there are plenty of details and photographs of the home on the original listing.

    It's important you have a good look at this before you bid to make sure it's somewhere you really do want to live.

  • I've been to a viewing but I didn't like the area

    It's important you do your research first. You can get details about the area in the advert itself and you can even use things like Google Maps and their Street View feature to take a virtual tour of the area where you could end up living.