Financial statements

All our Ongo companies have to publish financial statements, showing their accounts, what money comes into the business, and what goes out again.

Here you can access our most recent financial statements.

Note for 2015/16 financial year: The Ongo Homes Board reviewed its compliance with the Regulator of Social Housing’s Regulatory Standards and certifies that Ongo Homes has complied with the Governance & Financial Viability Standard throughout the 2015/16 financial year.

Year Percentage  Interest Paid
2022/2023 78.69% £0
2021/2022 85.13% £0
2020/2021 83.75% £0
2019/2020 77.48% £0

We work with lots of different suppliers every year. These are companies who might build new homes for us, supply us with the tools to make repairs to homes, provide us with computer equipment, in fact everything we need to run our business effectively.

As part of our Transparency Policy, we will publish what we spend each year with our suppliers.